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Vape Central > Products > COILS/PODS > VOOPOO UFORCE Replacement Coil 5pcs
  • Sku: WP03294

VOOPOO UFORCE Replacement Coil 5pcs

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Here comes the 0.4ohm U2 Coil, 0.23ohm U4 coil and 0.13ohm N1 single mesh coil for UFORCE tank, UFORCE T1, UFORCE T2 or VOOPOO TOO Kit to bring great flavor and vapor production.


The VOOPOO UFORCE Coil is designed for UFORCE tank, UFORCE T1 tank, UFORCE T2, VOOPOO TOO Kit, VOOPOO REX Kit which brings great flavor and vapor production. Available in U2 0.4ohm, U4 0.23ohm, D4 0.4ohm, U6 0.15ohm, U8 0.15ohm, N1 0.13ohm, N2 0.3ohm, N3 0.2ohm and P2 0.6ohm coils. 5pcs each pack. Just get them as spare parts for your UFORCE.

VOOPOO UFORCE Replacement Coil 5pcs

U2 0.4ohm dual coils (40-80W/best 55-65W);
U4 0.23ohm quadruple coils (50-120W/best 60-80W);
N1 0.13 single mesh coils (50-100W/best 70-80W);
D4 0.4ohm quadruple coils (50-90W/best 65-75W);
U8 0.15ohm octuple coils (70-130W/best 90-110W);
U6 0.15ohm sextuple coils(65-110W/best 80-90W);
N2 0.3ohm dual mesh coil(45-80W/best 55-65W);
N3 0.2ohm triple mesh coil(65-100W/best 75-85W);
P2 0.6ohm single mesh coil(24-28W).
Quantity: 5pcs/pack


It comes with:

  • 1x VOOPOO UFORCE Replacement Coil 5pcs

Additional information
Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 cm



N3 0.2ohm triple mesh coil: (65-100W/best 75-85W), P2 0.6ohm single mesh coil (24-28W), U2 Dual Coil: 0.4ohm (40W-80W, Best 55W-65W), D4 0.4ohm quadruple coils (50-90W/best 65-75W), N1 0.13 single mesh coil (50-100W/best 70-80W), N2 0.3ohm dual mesh coil(45-80W/best 55-65W), U4 0.23ohm quadruple coil: (50-120W/best 60-80W)

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